Five Tips for Building an Effective DEI Strategy

Five Tips for Building an Effective DEI Strategy

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 lots of companies have had to deal with a switching to a hybrid workforce, lack of adequate workforce, employee mental and physical health, shutdowns and more. However, despite all this it is important now more than ever for all organizations that want to thrive now or in the future to create a DEI strategy that is comprehensive, specific and measurable.

Too many organizations are looking for a quick fix when it comes to DEI, and this can really backfire. This article gives 5 tips for building an effective DEI strategy.

  1. Build a company culture
  2. Collect employee feedback and utilize the information received
  3. All DEI strategies should be subset of goals that have a clear objective and corresponding action steps
  4. All DEI strategies need to be measurable
  5. Provide consistent and clear communication across all channels to all employees

Company culture and work-life balance are also top priorities for all employees. Let OPX International help you be DEI compliant. Call us today.

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