3 Tips to Overcome Your Marketing DE&I Barriers

3 Tips to Overcome Your Marketing DE&I Barriers

Why is it so difficult to bring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) into the heart of marketing strategy and decision making? We answer that in this article by identifying three areas and offer 3 tips to overcome them.

Establish policies that add DE&I into the organization

Policies are great guiding principles to cultivate an inclusive company culture. Do you have a dispute resolution in place? Within the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) policy, adding an inclusion clause to a company’s contracts is a great way to ensure DE&I is considered within the dispute resolution process.

Set goals and track them

Holding the company to a certain standard is the best way to ensure everyone is held accountable and all the progress made is measurable. Provide an easy-to-use tool within the workplace that will track the selection of diverse neutrals. The tool allows all stakeholders to monitor the DEI achievements.

Create a safe space for all

Encouraging employees to be comfortable expressing themselves at work fosters an inclusive environment. Once you create an inclusive culture, you will increase employee engagement and contributive innovation, which will lead to higher employee retention.

Company culture and work-life balance are also top priorities for all employees. Let OPX International help you be DEI compliant. Call us today.

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