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OPX International is a consulting company that provides consulting services to companies of all sizes in the Des Moines area.

Professional Development

Our team of consultants bring a vast and meaningful array of expertise, lived experiences, and perspectives to their work. We do not give you a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we know that each organization has unique needs and long-term goals.

We help our clients identify, execute long-term strategies that measurably improve employee retention as well as engagement, and build team awareness in a culturally appropriate manner for team members from any and every walk of life.


At OPX International, we believe in creating a training atmosphere where all participants become comfortable with being uncomfortable and have the space and tools to recognize the ways that bias can show up in themselves and in others. We have worked with clients at all stages of their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. No matter where you are on yours, we can help.
Our Curriculum Ranges From:
• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Immersion
• Moving Beyond Compliance
• Inclusive Leadership
• Cultural Discovery/Awareness
• How to lead in the #metoo era
• Unconscious Bias … and much more (based on the needs of your company

Speaking Engagement

At OPX International, we offer high-energy dialogues that engage audiences and inspire leaders to actively step forward, be diversity champions, and set the motion to celebrates inclusion as a core within the day-to-day interactions of everyday life for the team members.

Our consultants will work with you to curate a conversation that helps articulate the value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to your organization and how to drive change in a respectful and caring way.

Marketing Strategies

Let our team of consultants help with solving your need for commercial leadership. Traditional responsibilities, while still relevant, are giving way to blended leadership models and the need for leaders with increasingly diverse skillsets. On top of this customer shift is an ever-growing complexity across the marketing ecosystem that makes exceeding consumer expectations more difficult than ever.

Our collaboration with your organization will leave behind a system that automatically connects the dots for you and the knowledge of how to engage your audience in a meaningful, diverse and inclusive way at your fingertips.


Our company can assess whatever needs you may have, provide recommendations on a customized plan for success, as well as provide training and education to help reach the determined goals.

• Ethical Intelligence
• Employee Engagement
• Psychology of Motivation in the Workplace
• Organizational Behavior
• Leadership and change management
• Personnel Psychology in the Workplace
• Job Attitude
• Faith-based Diversity Integration

Real Estate/Construction

  • Real Estate (Residential & Commercial).
    – OPX International provides rental properties for clients in need of purchasing or renting residential or commercial properties, including apartments.
  • Construction (Residential & Commercial).
    – OPX International provides the following construction services to clients in need of building residential or commercial construction; Construction Economic, Construction Estimating, and Construction Management.
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We aim to build a diverse, inclusive and effective work environments by offering training, workshops and more.
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Website Designed by The Web Silo – All Rights Reserved by OPX International LLC 2022.