Enrique Idehen

Co-Founder of OPX International LLC

Enrique Idehen was born in Madrid, Spain and immigrated to the United States with his family in 2001. Enrique was a sales representative for Vector Marketing and generated over $145,000 in career sales. He interviewed, recruited, and coached his own sales team, which generated $40,000 summer of 2020 with Vector Marketing. As a graduate of Simpson College with a degree in Clinical Health Science, he was president of Iowa Sigma fraternity, Student Government senator, and varsity soccer captain. He is a Vector All-American scholarship recipient and an American Rivers Conference All-Conference soccer athlete. Enrique is a member of DSM 4 Equity Task Force, a group of influential community leaders promoting equity and inclusion within central Des Moines, Iowa. Today, he lives in Las Vegas as a territory manager for Bioventus LLC.

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